Date #1: Leeeeeerrrrrroyyyy Loverrrrrrrr

yuckPertinent stats: Well I joined Bumble like 76 hours ago and my enthusiasm for it lasted about thirty minutes. First guy I gave my number to asked for titty pics. Second guy asked me out and when I said I had plans with a girlfriend, asked me if she was DTF. You guys, I mean. Alright. New theory is that men on Bumble are more aggressive because they assume that if a woman messages you, she’s looking to be gifted by your dick. Please sir, can I have some more cock?

That is nothing about this dude. This dude is 35, attentive and responsive on the app, attractive enough, kind of a silver fox thing happening, and is originally from New Orleans which may have everything to do with me messaging him first. Works in IT. Which seems to be like every dude I’ve ever dated.

I just don’t know about this Bumble thing. But what else am I doing?

Beardliness: beard iconbeard icon

Two, let’s say two. I’m getting more flexible about this. I’m nearly 28, according to my mother my eggs are dying and I can no longer afford to be picky about things like “physical attraction” or “not a pedophile.”

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