Date #1: Bathroom Selfie

Yes, I have a crush on Dave Grohl. Yes, I’ve had a crush on Dave Grohl since I was fifteen. No, I’m not proud of this fact but you know what? Fuck you.

Pertinent stats: This guy went to the same college as me, had the same major as me (graduated one year behind) before he switched to psychological anthropology.  Which sounds fancy and I’m pretty sure that has something to do with the tv show Bones and David Boreanaz?  So yes, fuckable.  He’s my age, 6’0″, works at Cal (heyyy), and is recording an album with his band the week that we’re attempting to get together.  Into all of these things, all of them.

His name stems from the fact that one of his profile pictures features a– you guessed it! my references are so oblique– bathroom selfie.  The odd part of this particular bathroom selfie is that he’s in a suit.  So, saying to the world, “Yes, I like to put in effort but STILL look like a D.”  I actually have no problem with this particular picture but a few friends have assured me that It Is a Problem.

Yeah, well, the only other real romance in my life is my unhealthy crush going on James Gandolfini (are you guys aware that The Sopranos is a really good show?  Too bad it never caught any mainstream traction) so I’ll look the other way on this particular faux pas.

Beardliness:  beard iconbeard iconbeard iconbeard icon
Fuck me, now that’s what I call a beard.  Continue reading