An Announcement!

I'm so hard right now.

I’m so hard right now.

So you might have noticed that we haven’t been posting quite as frequently as we used to do, in our near-fled youth.

This is true and we are sorry.

There are several reasons for this lapse.  These are all, quite generally, happy reasons.  So be happy for us, dammit! Continue reading


Date #1: The Survivalist

Disclaimer: This post contains NSFW photographic content.  So, use your own best judgment.

Pertinent stats: Going for an MBA at the same time he holds down a steady 9-5 in environmentally friendly construction.  Ok, good for you buddy!  Not super tall, but evidently I’m not a totally superficial bitch.  He also raises chickens in a coop at his house– that’s right, homeowner! (I am that superficial.)

Beardliness: beard iconbeard iconbeard iconbeard icon

Holy smokes, what a beard!  A thing of blondish-red beauty, I guess he’s going for the Thor look.  It’s kinda working. Continue reading

Date #2: The Doubtful Professor

Stage five clinger!

Pertinent stats: He’s a pretty funny texter, I’ll give him that, and he’s not afraid to pick up the phone and call me.  Also fulfilling some sort of latent “affair with the professor” fantasy I’ve got going on.  Jury’s still out on how much I’m actually attracted to this guy, though.

Beardliness: beard iconbeard icon

Slightly more grown out, also that ramen was good, I’ll throw you a beard promotion. Continue reading